Assessment for Selection/Recruitment

Our policy with all selection based assessments is to conduct high touch processes with fully customised outputs delivering role and context relevant insights. We apply a “most insight from least intrusion?approach whereby we use a small number of assessments which are chosen for their relevance in relation to the insight sought. Our process involves taking a briefing from you the client, agreeing the test battery, briefing the candidate, providing insightful feedback to the candidate, writing a customised report and remaining available to you to give clarification on report content.

Psychometric Brief

This report is similar in format to our Competency Reports that we use for leadership and professional positions, however we tend to report on fewer competencies with broader definitions. Again, as is the case with the full Competency Reports used for leadership and professional assessments a section with regards to “areas to investigate further” is provided.

Skills Testing

We at Shadow Consulting Ltd have access to a number of skills tests including but not limited to:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Clerical Checking
  • Customer Service Scenario Tests