Assessment for Selection/Recruitment

Our policy with all selection based assessments is to conduct high touch processes with fully customised outputs delivering role and context relevant insights. We apply a “most insight from least intrusion” approach whereby we use a small number of assessments which are chosen for their relevance in relation to the insight sought. Our process involves taking a briefing from you the client, agreeing the test battery, briefing the candidate, providing insightful feedback to the candidate, writing a customised report and remaining available to you to give clarification on report content.

Executive Competency Report

In addition to providing a result narrative and rating for a candidate’s congruence with selected competencies we also provide an ‘executive summary’ This report is formatted so that the time poor executive who has sponsored the assessment can exercise the choice as to either reading only the summary or reading the entire report. The busy executive can read the summary whilst also knowing that there is robust depth and diligently developed content available if they wish to dig deeper and have the time to do so.

Executive Plus Report

Whilst the executive report provides insight into a candidate’s congruence with regards to current role performance the Executive Plus Report gives additional insight in terms of the potential for the candidate to adapt as the role evolves. This type of report becomes more important for contexts whereby it is envisaged that significant change will occur and that the tenure of the successful candidate will extend over that time of change.