Online Assessment Platform Support

Many organisations have purchased an online assessment platform with the intention of building in-house assessment capability and indeed have received some value in doing so. However, our experience is that the value achieved from the use of such platforms, if not guided or supported, begins to dilute and diminish as a result of either changing needs and/or changing personnel. The ability of the organisation to leverage optimal insights, use the platform appropriately and consistently, provide a professional employment brand strengthening candidate experiences, and professionally handle assessment foci and process curveballs falls away. In some circumstances the use of the testing platform devolves into a 'tick the box' process leaving assessment foci feeling luke-warm and end users feeling underwhelmed. In recognition of this we offer the high touch support to keep the return on investment at its optimum. We offer two integrateable solutions:


Depending on your brief, our review of your online platform use considers but is not limited to aspects such as:

  • Your assessment foci experiences.
  • Test battery by organisational strata matrix (design and applied).
  • Platform configuration.
  • Output (format and focus of reports).
  • End user experience.
  • Integration into broader process and initiatives.
  • Cost structures and delivery options.